Building Soft Services

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Safety and Security Services includes

  • Central security patrolling
  • Fire fighting services
  • Intelligent security systems
  • 24x 7 central security control room
  • High quality security trained professionals

Safety and Security Services includes

  • Inspections, identification of vulnerabilities and assessment of risks
  • Development of policies, procedures, standards and methods for identifying and protecting information, personnel, property or material from unauthorized disclosure, misuse, theft, assault, vandalism, product tampering, espionage, sabotage and loss
  • Latest products and techniques in communications and other technical equipment
  • Development of contingency plans to facilitate and support clients in times of emergencies
  • Prevention of encroachment on company's estate including residential areas and mangroves
  • Environment scanning, intelligence collection, collation and maintaining vigil on activities of persons and organizations
  • Liaison with Govt. officials, statutory bodies including police etc. at local level and at locations where the company has its establishments
  • Adherences to all legislative requirements in the area of responsibility

Pest Control Services

  • Design of pest control strategies and schedules
  • Use of environment friendly chemicals approved by WHO
  • Utilization of latest equipments and technology for Pest Control


  • Consistent & quality oriented housekeeping services using state-of-the-art cleaning materials, equipment & technology
  • Specialized team for facade cleaning services


  • Horticulture support for periodic maintenance renewal / replanting, periodic manuring, nutrition, pesticide control
  • Hard and soft landscaping improvement plans

Waste and Garbage Management

  • Management of non-hazardous residential and institutional waste
  • Managing and monitoring collection, transportation and processing or disposal of waste material