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The Problem

Residential Project in Noida, spread across 10.05 acres having 11 towers with 1468 families, faced a reoccurring problem every year during the Monsoon season. Basement Flooding led to mosquito menace, drain clogging and water table taking a hit

Our Solution

Our Solution

The site team identified the root cause, the drain pipes from the roof for transferring the rain water to the harvesting pits were neither complete nor in place. The STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) was fed a secondary drain pipeline, which resulted in overflowing and flooding the entire basement for the society. The other problem being, the society’s lifeline of water was fed by 2 borewells dug. The level was depleting faster than it was recovering. Corporation was water insufficient for the 1500 odd households.

The Site team suggested to the project team and RWA to create harvesting pits, the Drain pipes were directed to these pits for collecting rain water. Subsequently, 10 harvesting pits were created and drainage was created to feed these pits. In a jig time of 4 months, we saw the water level being constant, due to construction of harvesting pits.

The next season, there was no flooding and the cases of Dengue and Malaria decreased by 28% that year.

The RWA was impressed with our Technical expertise and tactful problem identification. They gave Enviro, an additional operation and maintenance of STP and Club House.