Office Management

Are you fire safe at your office buildings?

The danger of fire at office buildings is very detrimental to employees, business owners, their businesses as well as their customers. While everyone is operating at a life threatening risk, fire outbreak is more of a severe concern for Integrated facility management services, or almost all part of their core
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Facility Management

Impacted by bugs and flies at workplace? Blame it on your facility management

Cleanliness and serenity are highly cherished in any environment. Maintaining this sanity at work places should not be a topic to debate upon, but rather a practicality that must be executed and brought to realization. The health and safety of every employee in your organization is ‘key’ to their effectiveness
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Builiding Management


Concierge services have gotten advanced way beyond the hospitality industry since its very inception. Back in the earlier days, concierge services were about assisting guests in booking reservations, hotels, providing transportation assistance and aiding in other related tasks. The jet age (in which we are), concierge services at any business
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