Enviro – A look inside its service Modus

Posted on: Tuesday, September 18th, 2018, By: Mallika Sharma


Since its very inception, Enviro (facilities management by Vatika) has immaculately been looking after the health, safety and functional standards within organizations and residential proximities, counting up to 70 mlln. sq. ft. of land in today’s date. However, to safeguard this provide, a close watch over these amenities has been unsparingly necessary. This demanded for a strongly devised surveillance mechanism that not only rendered support services on medical exigencies but also looked after the general living demands of the occupants.

In the light of the above revelation, this study revolves around Enviro’s service execution across all its premises, making sure the environmental factors move hand in hand with a sustainable approach.


To effectively enforce the amalgamation of manual and human supervision, the Vatika premises are loaded with high quality CCTV cameras contributing to an effective visitor management system. The motive is to provide sound occupancies and working spaces that are free of any undetected threats to the living environment.

the materialization
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Impacted by bugs and flies at workplace? Blame it on your facility management

Posted on: Wednesday, September 12th, 2018, By: Abayomi Akafor

Cleanliness and serenity are highly cherished in any environment. Maintaining this sanity at work places should not be a topic to debate upon, but rather a practicality that must be executed and brought to realization. The health and safety of every employee in your organization is ‘key’ to their effectiveness and productivity.

The levels of concentration greatly drop when employees have to swat through flies and bugs every day at work due to unhealthy conditions caused by dirtiness and unkempt areas in an organization.

It automatically increases the workload per time, which consequentially adds up to be a source of mental and physical stress for them.

Causes of bugs and flies at work place


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Posted on: Friday, August 24th, 2018, By: Joseph Oluwaseun Akeju

Concierge services have gotten advanced way beyond the hospitality industry since its very inception. Back in the earlier days, concierge services were about assisting guests in booking reservations, hotels, providing transportation assistance and aiding in other related tasks.

The jet age (in which we are), concierge services at any business are more concerned about simplifying life (from health and medical care to entertainment and transportation assistance etc), It has climbed up the table of needs in most organizations and also in the employees’ compensation or benefit packages.


The Smarter Ways To Reduce Office Waste In Buildings

Posted on: Friday, August 10th, 2018, By: Mallika Sharma

The world is thriving, so should we. Not only by means of developing into a worldwide spark, but also by means of managing the resulting streams of fire falling behind on the planet.

It is true to the nature of waste (produced by an array of functional buildings), that its management becomes inevitable, facing which, corporates employ a ton of practices to reduce and manage the same at their best. However, the sloping graphs have only shown a considerable change where the aim was a magnanimous impact in the waste reduction process. Studies reveal that the most usable ventures into such businesses could be the easiest waste reduction practices to follow, some of which are even employed at home resulting in a well orchestrated and healthy environment.

Hence to give into the environment, here are some easy techniques to follow at work places that will ensure efficient waste management in buildings, as the business world slowly thrives towards a more environment friendly approach! Read More “The Smarter Ways To Reduce Office Waste In Buildings”

How To Maintain Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Posted on: Wednesday, August 8th, 2018, By: Joseph Oluwaseun Akeju

Every organization is on the lookout for ways to minimize its expenditure while maximizing its revenues. The amount that goes into energy bills on an annual basis has been declared to be highly alarming which has prompted organizations, companies and even residential properties’ owners to opt for Maintenance services for the primary motive of achieving a means to chalk down energy consumption, the costs associated with it and harness its resources towards other productive means.

More than 60 percent of the total energy usage in a typical office building is used for temperature control and lighting, making the system a basic consideration when it comes to managing or reducing the energy consumption in the building.

Building maintenance services help in laying out the methods and effective means to run an energy efficient building which not only goes beyond solely reducing the energy consumption, but also effectively monitoring the same such that an optimum control level is maintained at all times. Read More “How To Maintain Energy Efficiency In Buildings”