Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we associate with enviro?
  2. You can reach out to us either by e-mailing us at or by clicking the 'Contact Us' tab on the website followed by filling up the form and submitting .Post that, someone from enviro's Business Development would get in touch with you soon.

  3. How does a resident/occupant at enviro register a complaint?
  4. You can register your complaint with our Client Service Cell either via calling at 0124-4976840 or writing an email to

  5. How do I apply for a job at enviro?
  6. You can view all the current openings at enviro by visiting the 'Careers' section & applying in accordance with all the details mentioned.

  7. How do we get the enviro app?
  8. The enviro app is available both for android and iOS- Android users can download the app from Google Store & Iphone users from Apple store . You could also get a direct download link of the app on your phone by filling in your details on the main page of enviro website.

  9. My complaint/query is not listed, how to get clarity on it?
  10. To know about the status on your query/complaint, you can reach out to the Client Service at 0124-4976840 or write to

  11. How to Login and create my password?
  12. This is an automated process.

    Click on the 'Client Login' tab. Towards the I bottom of the client login page, click on the 'New User? Register Here!' tab. If you are a residential client then click on the "Residential Client" option and if you're in a commercial building, click on the 'Commercial Client' option. It will direct you to user registration form, fill that form & submit. Please note that the User ID will be your meter ID & you can set your own password.

  13. Can I pay my maintenance and electricity bills online?
  14. Yes, you can pay your maintenance and electricity bill online using the client login option. Once you login, click on 'Recharge Meter' from the left hand side menu . Then fill in the required amount and select 'PAY NOW'. Do remember to accept the terms and condition check box. This option will further take you to the payment gateway .You can Pay using Credit Card/Debit Card/Net banking/ Cash Card/Mobile Wallet.

  15. I've completed the payment. But, the online payment is not reflecting in my meter balance?
  16. The process of payment to meter recharge is fully automated and does not require manual intervention. The successful payment is immediately updated in meter balance but some time due to connectivity issue or any interruption from user during the process of online payment, the processs breaks and transaction does not get through. In such a case if the payment has been debited from the client's end and is not reflecting in the meter then client should wait for three days as failed payment gets refunded to the client's account within that rime. If client do not get refund in three days he/she may lodge a complaint with the Client Service Cell.

  17. How can I Check My bill/balance?
  18. You can keep a track of your complete bill by clicking on the 'Track your prepaid meter' tab.

  19. Can I get the detail of all the payment done by me till date?
  20. Yes, you certainly cam. The option "Transaction History" provides you the detail of the complete payment done till date. If needed, you can export this date on excel too.

  21. What if I forget my password?
  22. There is an automated process incase you forget your password. Please click on the 'Forgot Password' option & enter your meter ID. Once you click there, the, new password will be automatically sent to your registered mobile number.

  23. Can I register my Service Requirement for my apartment using web or app?
  24. Yes, you can register your service request using web or app. Select the 'New Request' option from the Menu Bar. Fill up the form and submit. You will receive a confirmation SMS within 5 minutes if the request is registered between 8 AM to 7 PM else you will receive the confirmation the next day.

  25. How do I check my meter balance?
  26. You can check your meter balance from the display unit installed at your flat. Alternatively meter balance is also available online. Follow this trail to check online meter balance. Login to enviro site ----------->Track your meter------------->Live balance

  27. My Payment is not showing in the Transactions history?
  28. Please note that only online payment is reflected in transactions history. Payment through cheque or cash deposited at Accounts desk in Town Square are not reflected in transactions history. However, all payments are reflected in the monthly bill.

  29. How do I view my bill?
  30. Please follow below mentioned path to check online meter balance. You can check last six month bills online by loging in to the enviro website, click on the 'Track your meter' tab and then select, 'My Bill' to view your bills.

  31. I am a tenant. Can I get separate login credential?
  32. We do not give two login credentials for one property. Please contact the property-owner to access the online facilities.

  33. I cannot see my bank in the list for net banking?
  34. We have almost all the banks on our portal for net banking payment. However, if any bank is not showing in the list of net banking you can you ahead and make payment through debit card.

  35. I do not have access to online facilities. How do I make the payments?
  36. You can go to Accounts desk at Town square and make payment through cheque or cash. You can also drop cheque in drop box located near the entrance of facility office at Town square.