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our services

As an Integrated Facility Manatgement Company we provide end-to-end services that traverse geographic and
demographic boundaries and bring together a centralized, quality efficient and cost effective
approach to the management of residential and commercial spaces.


We provide cost-effective and advanced technical solutions to our clients for maintenance, repair and replacement of devices, equipment, machinery and building infrastructure.

Electrical System

We offer a comprehensive range of electrical system maintenance and operations services by well-trained engineers. Our expertise covers various aspects, including thorough inspection, meticulous installations, effective repair and proactive maintenance in specific areas. We specialize in the maintenance of electrical motors, power tools, commercial and powerhouse equipment.

Fire Safety System

Enviro is the premier provider of comprehensive fire protection systems in India. Our dedicated team conducts rigorous testing and inspections of fire protection systems, ensuring their optimal functionality. Ably supported by a Fire Tender and Site Fire Teams.

Lifts and Elevators

We offer a range of services catered to both residential and commercial clients, including freight lift services, elevator installations, elevator maintenance and modification services, as well as maintenance services for industrial goods lifts. Having tip-ups with OEMs.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)

We provide comprehensive HVAC services tailored to meet the clients’ specific needs. From installation and maintenance to repairs and energy optimization, we ensure efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that promote comfort and cost savings for the facility.

DG Operations and Maintenance

Enviro offers a wide range of services for diesel generators, including maintenance and preventive measures. Our trained technicians not only run these machines efficiently but also maintain a liaison with the OEMs. Given their long experience, they do preventive maintenance and ask for replacement parts beforehand.


We provide CCTV services catering to the needs of industrial, commercial and residential clients. Our offerings include location mapping, finding and highlighting critical spots and identify blind spots. The in-house installation and maintenance are done to ensure optimal performance and security of the premises.

Gate Barrier System

We offer affordable automatic gate barrier systems at competitive prices to our residential and commercial clients. Our solutions encompass automatic gate entry systems and boom barriers for added security.

Access Control System

Completely automated range of access control systems, including biometric and proximity options, catering to the needs of the clients. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses installation, repairs and maintenance.

Water and Fire Pumps

We have dedicated Fire teams that offer custom services for water and fire pumps, covering installation and maintenance services for both commercial and residential clients.

Sanitary and Plumbing System Services

Enviro India offers high-quality sanitary and plumbing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. We prioritize maintenance and ensure the highest standards of quality by implementing maintainability parameters for sanitary systems.

Parking Management Solutions

Our parking management services are comprehensive and tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We provide self-ticketing, enforcement, parking planning, maintenance, parking equipment, supplies, line painting services, space letting and garage maintenance.