Benefits of Using Facility Management Software

Posted on: Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Facility management services are essential for the functioning of commercial or residential buildings. Managing the internal and external maintenance of buildings involves multiple complex as well as simple tasks. Computerized technology has immensely helped in managing facility management related tasks.

Let us have a look the benefits of FM software:

  1. Increases efficiency
    Using FM software increases efficiency as you don’t have to track different tasks manually. You can assign work, schedule tasks and track multiple workflows through the software. You can also view the previous updates and equipment history.
  2. Schedule maintenance programs
    Facility management software helps in scheduling the inspections and maintenance tasks. Scheduling tasks ensures that no appointments are missed. This further reduces the occurrence of any damage. The cost of operation would also be reduced with the help of FM software.
  3. Eliminate paperwork
    One of the major advantages of FM software is minimal paperwork. With every little detail documenting in the software, the need for time consuming paperwork is reduced. This further reduces the chances of mishandling or misplacing the necessary documents. Also, equipment information can easily be recorded and maintained within the software.
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Hard Facilities Management Services

Posted on: Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Facility management services are necessary for the efficient property management. Facility management services are commonly divided into 2 categories – hard services and soft services. Hard facilities management services are basically mechanical services that are structured within the building and cannot be removed.
Let us have a look at some of the services that come under hard facility management services.
Electrical Maintenance
Electrical maintenance is a facility management service that is important for both residential and commercial property. It includes dealing with any power issues and installation and inspection of electrical appliances like heating, air conditioning and compression systems. This is important not just for the comfort people but also their safety.  
Building Fabric & Repairs
Building fabric looks after the fabric aspects of the building. It includes carpeting, wallpapers, curtains, etc. Repairing broken furniture like drawers and chairs and making sure that all cabinets have their locks and keys is extremely important for property maintenance. These things should be both planned and reactive.
Elevator & Door Maintenance
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Environment Friendly Facility Management Services

Posted on: Monday, November 14th, 2016

Facility Management company plays an important role in contributing to the betterment of the environment. Implementing eco-friendly methods to carry out their services is beneficial not just for the people but also our environment.
Let us have a look at some of these eco-friendly approaches:
Regulated waste disposal
Waste disposal management system is extremely important for property maintenance. There are a number of ways for waste disposal however it is important that these methods are environmental friendly. There should be different waste bins for paper and plastic in commercial and residential buildings. Recycling is becoming more advanced these days and should be encouraged to practice among colleagues and residents. 
Indoor air quality
Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside the building. Maintaining indoor air quality is necessary for the health of occupants. Using vacuum cleaner with strong suction and filter ensures that dust is properly being cleaned from the floor.  Floors should be regularly mopped so that no dust is left behind. Smoking should not be allowed inside buildings to maintain the air quality.
Water conservation
Whether it is commercial facility management services or residential facility management services, water conservation is one of the methods that have greatly helped to conserve water. Methods like rainwater harvesting system should be implemented by commercial and residential buildings so that water can be conserved and re-used for multiple purposes.
Installation of solar panels
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Benefits of Property Maintenance Services

Posted on: Monday, November 14th, 2016

Property maintenance services are concerned with the maintenance of your property.  People usually prefer to outsource these services to preserve the condition of their property. Property maintenance plays an integral part for the protection of the property. Property maintenance service providers are caretakers who are responsible for things like repairing of the furniture along with other basic necessities.

Benefits of Property Maintenance Services

Property maintenance covers a wide range of services. Some of them are – general cleaning, lawn maintenance, carpentry, façade cleaning, plumbing, electrical, security services, etc. There are several advantages of having a professional property maintenance service.
First, it will save you significant amount time and effort.  Having a property maintenance staff becomes necessary when there is a huge crowd living or using the property for either commercial or non-commercial purposes.
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4 Essential Facility Management Services

Posted on: Friday, November 4th, 2016

A facility management company ensures that day-to-day activities in a business function without any disturbance. A business needs different services – big or small for its smooth operation and services such as property maintenance and luxury facility management forms an integral part of a business. The regular and smooth operation of these services is necessary for all the employees and the company. As the needs and demands of a company and employees grow, expectations from facility management companies also grow. Most businesses are heavily dependent on facilities management companies for their efficient performance. Let’s have a look at some of these services that help a business every day.

Different types of facility management services that are important for your business:

Technical Services

Technical services comprise of access control system, electrical system, DG operation and maintenance, elevator maintenance, gate barrier system, etc. Technical issues are often hard to resolve by common staff as they are not technically proficient to manage technical issues. Therefore, it is important to have a technical maintenance team in a company.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping services is extremely important for a company. Work stations, floors, cafeteria and washrooms should be regularly cleaned from health and hygiene’s perspective. There should be an efficient janitorial staff to maintain these services.

Security Services

When it comes to security, a committed security team should be positioned at the main entrance.  CCTV cameras should be installed at entry and exit areas of each floor. Other important areas should also come under CCTV surveillance.  Other factors such as fire alarm system should also be regularly checked for safety and security services.

Energy Management Services

Energy management services include energy consultancy and energy management. The team helps to implement methods that help to save energy.  Energy management team has to provide energy efficiency solutions, cost-competitive energy commodities and services, and installation of efficient energy infrastructure that is beneficial for the company.