Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System – A Must-Have For Every Residential Society

In today’s fast paced world, people prefer to live in residential societies that provide a comfortable living experience. However, with convenience comes responsibility and RWAs often face the challenge of managing complaints from residents. Nothing is more challenging than dealing with day-to-day complaints from the residents related to electricity, water,
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Energy Efficient Facility Management – A Path to Prosperity

As organizations are focused on the ways to reduce operations cost, Energy usage is a big constituent in this. For energy optimization and reduction, clients are relying more on Facility Management companies to offer input and leadership on how to increase energy efficiency. Facility Manager plays a major role to
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Facility Management

Facility Management in Lucknow

From the modern startup culture to becoming the epicentre of all the major developmental activities, Lucknow has undergone several transformations and hence Facility Management has been evolved as a rapidly developing sector. With growing lifestyle, investment and institutional development, the need for facility managementincreases. The significance of facility management is
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Disruptive Technological Trends in Facility Management 2022

Isn’t it miraculous how a flying object, the size of a big bird goes on clicking a million pictures or take aerial shots from the tallest of mountains or a disk-shaped machine go on tirelessly cleaning the entire house without bumping into things, as though with a mind of its
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Is Energy Saving Important In Commercial Buildings?

It is often said that ‘one stitch in time, saves nine’!  So to say, in order to avoid something that can be disastrous at a later stage one needs to take action now. The need for power and electricity is growing by the minute. Be it a residential or a
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