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A commercial building leased out to multiple MNCs at the hub of office space. The client wanted a Water Audit, as the water bill was constantly rising and supply was becoming a problem. Future was bleak as cutback in water supply was not feasible given the companies were working round-the-clock and business continuity being a question

Our Solution

The key issues
As summer was on its peak, water consumption was going up in common area and cafeteria of the building. Water wastage was observed by staff and per day consumption was noted 1650KL.
A Water Audit was undertaken to examine the following areas –
1) Monitor water consumption of each business/client in the building
2) Information on opportunities to save water to be explored
3) Any leakage point which can be plucked
4) Introduction of any new technology to save water


The site team, liasioned with MNC HR department for conducting a save water Session. Posters and danglers were put to educate one and all on the need to sav water. New vendors were brought in to discuss the latest water saving technology.
Any and all unnecessary flows were plucked.

•  Repaired dripping faucets, showers and continuously running or leaking in client area washrooms
•  Reduced flush water by adjusting flush valves or installing dams and flapper mechanisms
•  Changed fixtures where ever possible or been under wear out condition to more efficient and water-saving models
•  Installed multilevel water level control & monitoring to check any overflow from OH tanks and cooling towers. Client was support to identify and finalized vendor for the said requirement
•  Minimized the water used in cooling equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Shut off cooling units when not needed.
•  Switched to low-flow for washroom faucets, to ensure they are outfitted with low-flow restrictors. A low-flow faucet aerator, for instance, emits less than 1.5 gallons of water per minute compared with 2.2 gallons for standard faucets. All common area washroom faucets were fitted with aerators for all client area washroom/restroom. Outcome of installation of the aerator as sample is given under for reference.

From consumption of 1650 KLD per day the water consumption was reduced by 20% to 1320 KLD consumption per day.
The builder/client satisfaction was achieved by taking proactive initiative and to understand the need of the hour to look at building sustainability.