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The Problem

A Residential Society in Delhi NCR having 14 Towers was facing frequent power outages and high electricity bills. To address these issues and to reduce the carbon footprint, Enviro suggested to install solar panels on the rooftop of each tower.

Enviro Solution

Enviro Solution

The solar team conducted a site survey to access the roof’s suitability for solar panels, including its size and orientation to the sun and started the installation process after getting permit from the government. It involved preparing the rooftop for installation, cleaning the area and checking for any damages or leaks. Based on the survey, they installed 140 kW (kilowatt) rooftop solar system (10 kW on the rooftop of each tower covering approx. 1000 sq ft.) which generated approx. 560 units of electricity per day to meet the energy needs of the society. We worked closely with the team to ensure minimum disruption to residents' daily routine.

Conclusion : The solar panel installation was a success as the monthly electricity bill got reduced to a great extent resulting in savings of approximately Rs. 1,00,800 per month. It has also reduced the society's carbon footprint by reducing their dependence on non-renewable energy sources which resulted in a positive impact on the environment and has helped the society to become more sustainable.