Client Service Cell Changed the Way a Residential Society Operates in Sec 107

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Client Service Cell Changed the Way a Residential Society Operates in Sec 107

Client Service Cell Changed the Way a Residential Society Operates in Sec 107


As new buildings sprout up in sec 107/108, it is important for the residential society to have a smoother way of life through great management of facilities.

Integrated facility management company is the right solution to realize cost efficiencies and optimize the use of IT not to mention offering security, assistance and efficient ways of managing communication and complaints with residents. While integrated facility management is not a new thing in facility management, new buildings would be seriously overlooking its benefits if they fail to embrace it. Not only have facilities offerings have changed but the society has changed as well and the two’s expectations, priorities and needs make it even more necessary to have an increasingly efficient and connected environment to co-exist. Integrated facility management fulfills the need for convenience, cost efficiencies and operational efficacy.

Operational preparedness helps in enhancing user experience which is the key in the residents’ well-being. Intelligent integrated facility management also fulfills the need for data and analytics in complementing service delivery.Therefore, for the upcoming projects in Sector 107/108 to attract residents and keep the residential society happy; they need to give them a positive user experience. Integrated facility management is critical in giving this. By managing operations, building functions, technological needs, communication and other building infrastructure, it improves the quality of building performance for the residents by ensuring smooth operation, predictive and proactive maintenance. Besides, it is unfathomablefor modern building to have numerous different systems for a particular task while also lacking interoperability. Consolidating these facility management efforts into ahighly efficient delivery model will solve this gap. Having varied contractors to keep the lights on, lawns mowed, maintenance done, essential services delivered and physical plant running is exhausting and inefficient. Having an integrated facility management service on the other hand, takes care of all this, reduces operational costs, streamlines service deliveryand improves outcomes and performance.

Since the integrated facility manager is the single point of contact in regards to all the residential facility managements issues, there is a more efficient monitoring and coordination of service delivery. There is better address of complaints, responsiveness of issues and greater accountability. This is because integrated facility management integrates place, process, technology and people in carrying out all facility management related functions. Usage of a client service cell improves integrated facility management services even further. For real estate such as the upcoming section 107/108 projects, here is how a client service cell as part of the integrated facility management can ensure the best functionality, operational efficiency and service delivery of the built environment:

Support Services

One of the most crucial services of an integrated facility management system is support. Residents need to get their views, suggestions and complaints across and this is where implementation of a client service cell is the key. This improves satisfaction as well as service experience which in turn enhance their living experience and wellbeing.

The client service cell will the lifeline of the society, by being the one stop solution for any residential living query. This enhances connectivity between management and clients and reduces the time taken to handle queries rather than having the clients repeatedly call or look for the management team and have their requests forgotten due to lack of an efficient tracking and management system.

Get to Know the Residents

A client service cell will help the management team get to know the customer, by improving their connectivity. It helps management empathize with the clients and make them available to the clients so that issues and queries raised are solved in an easier and quicker manner. This improves overall customer service therefore improving customer satisfaction.

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