Facility Managers – Angels for Senior Citizens

Facility Management

Facility Managers – Angels for Senior Citizens

Facility Managers - Angels for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens deserve the best when it comes to their comfort and care. With age, everyday tasks become a lot harder to perform and hence it is always better for the senior citizens to have access to care and support services. This is where Facility Managers come into play. They are increasingly being called upon to provide services that cater to the needs of senior citizens. Facility managers plays a vital role in ensuring seniors have a comfortable and enjoyable life. In many ways, they are like ‘Angels for senior citizens’. By meeting the unique needs of seniors, facility managers are helping to make sure that they live a happy and gratifying life.

Best Practices Followed By Facility Managers

Facility Managers focus to prioritise the daily needs of senior citizens right from the comfort of their home. They are equipped with necessary skills to provide assistance without infringing on a senior citizen’s independence. The ultimate goal of Facility Manager is to provide long distance task-based support and care giving for senior citizens, whenever they need it.

Facility Managers also ensure –

. The rooms or units of senior citizens are secure.

. Basic facilities such as water and heating are well-maintained.

. Visiting senior citizens twice a week to ensure they are healthy and fine.

. Keeping contact numbers of their family members and doctors for an emergency.

. Proper documentation of the medical reports of senior citizens facing severe illness.

Facility managers ensure that there is proper lighting in hallways and common areas with clear signage so that senior citizens don’t face any difficulty when they step out of their rooms. They also address maintenance and custodial needs of senior citizens immediately and also make sure that the facility remains clean and safe for everyone. Facility Managers play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness standards so that the surroundings remain fresh and healthy for everyone.

Facility Managers also keep track of the daily helps and assisted living helper whereabouts, if they have come or are not coming. This helps them to be better prepared for any eventuality that may arise.

New Technology Engages Seniors and Encourages Health

The introduction of smart technologies, such as automated lighting in corridors, USB-charging stations, connected care platforms, and AI-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo or Alexa, has the potential to reduce stress levels and improve cognitive function. In addition, these technologies can encourage memory recall and provide opportunities for social interaction. It helps in reducing stress levels and keeps senior citizens engaged. Facility Managers offer a way to connect with other senior citizens living in the society.

Being a support system for the aging population, facility managers must consider how senior citizens can use new technologies and improve their quality of life.


Facility Managers offer valuable support to senior citizens. They make daily living safer and more enjoyable, allowing seniors to spend their golden years in the comfort of home. They are like angels and play a very crucial role to smoothen the life of senior citizens by catering the day to day needs and providing a healthy living environment. They usually work closely with architects, engineers, and other ground level professionals to ensure that the facility is well-maintained and accessible for senior citizens.

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