How To Maintain Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Energy Management

How To Maintain Energy Efficiency In Buildings

Upgrade HVAC System

Every organization is on the lookout for ways to minimize its expenditure while maximizing its revenues. The amount that goes into energy bills on an annual basis has been declared to be highly alarming which has prompted organizations, companies and even residential properties’ owners to opt for Maintenance services for the primary motive of achieving a means to chalk down energy consumption, the costs associated with it and harness its resources towards other productive means.

More than 60 percent of the total energy usage in a typical office building is used for temperature control and lighting, making the system a basic consideration when it comes to managing or reducing the energy consumption in the building.

Building maintenance services help in laying out the methods and effective means to run an energy efficient building which not only goes beyond solely reducing the energy consumption, but also effectively monitoring the same such that an optimum control level is maintained at all times.

Building Design:

In managing and reducing the amount of energy to be used in an office building, building management services plan the building design with the organization’s management such that it ensures little use of artificial lightning during the day.

Building Design

These energy efficient offices are laid out in a way that the daylight could have enough illumination, without having to opt for blinding artificial lights within the building infrastructure, resulting in lower energy consumption, and more savage.

Building Insulation:

Integrated facility management proposes and affects an energy efficient building with advanced insulations which helps in maintaining the heat loss or heat gain within the building. This will help maintain the temperature in the offices at all seasons with a little need to use cooling or heating systems.

 Energy Efficient Lighting

Installation of LED and fluorescent lighting will greatly reduce energy consumption and heat emission from the system, which will translate the building infrastructure into a cooler environment with cool rooms and work halls. This will save energy on two fronts i.e. lightening and temperature control systems.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Upgrade HVAC System

An upgrade of the HVAC system to the more modern ones that are energy efficient could seem expensive at first, but remains the cheapest means of managing energy consumption especially considering the bill that goes into it in the long run.

Automated Control System

An automated system that generally switches off the entire electric circuit pertaining to the different parts of the office building when it’s not in use should be implemented. This will greatly help in monitoring the energy wastage at conference rooms, store rooms, etc when not in use.


Shutdown and Unplug Unused Appliances

This manual means of reducing energy consumption is as effective as any, if not more. This can be put in practice by all employees at any business employing which, it can bring about great changes in the energy consumption of that building which can be an asset to an organization’s expenditure and safety.

Shutdown and Unplug Unused Appliances

Beyond simply managing the consumption of energy and the reflection on the annual bill at a business, the work place environment becomes a safer and comfortable place because the possibility of risk occurrence that may arise from electric usage also decreases, while the environment is more comfortable as the heat from lighting and energy burning is greatly reduced.

This process also helps save the costs of running the facility and business since there’ll be a reduced amount of power usage which will reflect in the electrical bills.

The saved cost can then be applied in other critical areas of the business such as employee health care, workplace renovations and luxury and comfort management which will help any business draw more attention towards retaining its employees while they contribute at their best taking the business to the pinnacles of success.

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