Misconceptions About Facility Management

Facility Management, Integrated Facilities Management

Misconceptions About Facility Management

Misconceptions About Facility Management

While Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) has transformed the role and practices of facilities management for countless companies yet misconceptions surrounding its implementation, value and usage still persist. Some companies believe that they can cut costs by managing facilities on their own but the repercussions of such decision could end up harming the business in many ways.

There are numerous misconceptions about facility management:

1. It’s more expensive

Verdict: False

Facility Management is not strictly a cost. It’s a benefit to the company, its people and the process. An integrated facility management program improves organizational capability to scale up/down efficiently. It reduces the operational burden by leveraging maintenance tasks in a timely and efficient manner.

A robust preventive maintenance plan not only maintains the assets but also helps in their optimum utilization. Deploying a facility management program saves time by increasing human involvement with tasks.

2. It’s a risk to job

Verdict: False

A facility management company should be seen as a partner and not as a threat. It makes the business more valuable by providing technology, specialized skill set, strategy and support teams. All these elements are needed for the smooth running of the business. A Facility Management is no exception in the rapidly changing world, considering the challenges in terms of changing technology, extensive training of staff and expert consultation, one can handle these changes but by teaming up with a facility management company, management can free up their time to think strategically and take better decisions.

3. Loss of visibility and control

Verdict: False

A business needs better tools and technology to get the most out of system’s built-in features. It helps to track and manage asset warranty and insurance information. These are much needed if business operates at different locations. A facility management company provides a managed platform and helps in gathering relevant information about facilities portfolio which helps in better visibility and central control.

4. Overshadow client brand

Verdict: False

One of the primary goals of a facility management company is to promote and support the client brand and to constantly deliver that goal, we require:

A technology platform shared by facility managers and technician

Consistent benchmarks for facility operations

A way to validate every work order completed at various locations

Easily accessible reports and KPIs

One can easily track and manage quality but it doesn’t sound realistic when there are thousands of work orders. With the right facility management services company, it is easy to validate every work order, record asset information and manage quality and performance at each location. Facility management company acts as a backstage operator that helps to actualize the smooth running of facilities.

5. Customers and employees at risk

Verdict: False

Working with a facility management company means bringing in third party technicians and hence the management may worry about –

What if technicians aren’t qualified to do the work?

What if technicians aren’t certified and insured?

A facility provider ensures to handle these concerns on their own, vetting and selecting providers who are qualified, insured with background check.


In today’s fast paced world, facility services play a vital role and smoothens the operation process. A good facility management program can resolve inefficiencies, identify saving opportunities and boost the bottom line.  It can be presented as a way to intelligently save money and create revenue in both the short and long term. Hence, it is wise to implement a facility management program for significant cost savings and improved safety performance. As the saying goes – the best time to start was yesterday; the second-best time is today.

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