How Efficient Facilities Management Help Businesses Grow

Facility Management

How Efficient Facilities Management Help Businesses Grow

Some of the most basic things, like polished floors, smartly dressed security personnel, clean lavatory and many other facilities made available to us, that we take for granted when entering our office, business centres or malls must have been impeccably arranged and organized by someone. All of these facilities are managed by people behind the scene, whose work can be broadly defined by the term Facility Management. Facility management services which has undergone a sea of change from its original concept. Services and functions that earlier used to managed on an in-house basis or by petty contractors has now evolved into various value-added, which makes use of advanced technology and innovative cost-saving measures.

Apart from specialised agencies providing facility management services, many real estate developers provide in-house facility and real estate management services while adopting technologies that are more upgraded in quality and control. Vatika Group is one such developer that provides facility and real estate maintenance services, under the banner of enviro, for its commercial, retail and residential real estate properties, and has now ventured in the open market to add value to the properties developed by other developers as well.

While working on projects of various scale and size, facilities management companies make use of technology to communicate with buildings and connects them to a central control station. Thus, making it easier as well cost effective and also reducing the operational risks involved in the management of multiple buildings which are managed by a centrally based, core expert group of professionals.

On an average, organizations spend 30% of their annual budget on maintaining and managing facilities.Today, many businesses face ever-increasing competition and the stress to maintain quality, while employing services which are cost effective, thus forcing large business to move critical activities, mainly facilities management, to an efficient partner in India. Therefore, It is necessary to adopt the novel concepts of facility management to reduce costs and make the workplace efficient.

In a competitive market, companies strive to extract the best out of the available resources, while maintaining their profit margins, and hence provide the necessary impetus to achieve quality standards like CMM and Six Sigma levels. The concept of facility management (FM) is the latest effort by industry leaders to derive the best out of people, processes, and resources of a company, which is helping businesses grow to their true potential.

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