Ensure Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of Hardwood Floors to Ensure its Longevity

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Ensure Proper Maintenance and Cleaning of Hardwood Floors to Ensure its Longevity

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If you have decided to renovate your house with hardwood floors then it is certainly a great decision as they suit nearly every d©cor and add enduring value to your home. However, proper maintenance and cleaning is required if you wish them to endure the test of time and provide the same look and finish even after years of installation.

First thing that you can do to keep your hardwood floor is to place a floor mat on the entry doors. Since, dirt and dust can scrape and scratch away the polish of the floors and damage the floor, putting door mats on the entry doors would encourage guests as well as family members to wipe off their feet or dirt or moisture in their shoes before entering. This will help prevent abrasion and stains from dirt.

The surface seal protecting your wooden floor faces some biggest threat from some of the tiniest particles in your household. With every footstep, these grains of dirt and grit are followed and dragged across the floor, scratching their finish, and wearing it down. As a result, regular vacuuming and cleansing is required on a weekly basis.

There are a few things the usage of which could be detrimental to overall care of your investment. Always remember that washing the floor with soap, water, oil-soap detergent, or using wet-mop can result in swelling, warping, or delaminating. It is therefore suggested to use cleaning products that are being recommended by floor specialists in order to eliminate spills and stains and that too without sullying the finish of the floor.

Also avoid using urethane finish to wax a wood floor or ammonia that might dull the shine off the floor. Your hardwood floors are susceptible to dents and scratches, you could therefore use felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs in order to avoid scratches or dents. All of the aforesaid strategies if followed properly will prevent hardwood flooring from being damaged.

Though, proper maintenance and cleaning is essential for making them last for years, they can be expensive and hard to maintain. This calls for hiring the services of a building and property maintenance company that also offers mechanized housekeeping services including maintenance and cleaning of hardwood floors.

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