How Do Security Services Complement FMS?

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How Do Security Services Complement FMS?

How Do Security Services Complement FMS?

Given the uncertain and insecure times we live in, while deciding where to stay, the first question often is “How safe is it?”, “Are the people I am engaging with really trustworthy?” Also, one of the main reasons why many people prefer to stay in a gated society vis-a-vis an independent house on a plot, is the security services it provides. There are trained guards stationed at the gates who ensure the security of the entire society, this is managed and planned by the facility management company that is a part of the society.

The threat to security isn’t just limited to physical security. Advancement in technology has further led to faulty data privacy. While filling up online registration forms and applications one is often left wondering whether my vital information such as, home address, contact number and other personal details are safe and if they are accessible to any miscreants. Here is also where facility management plays a vital role. Let’s see how;

I am renting a house in New Gurgaon that suits my pocket and my needs, but how safe am I?

With so many new societies coming up, with the most advanced features, modern design architecture and at the same time not being very heavy on the pocket one wants to explore the option for a better quality of life. But the very next question is, are these societies safe?

An integrated facility management servicescompany like Enviro has security as a holistic service, whereby the staff employed are regularly trained and updated on the latest methods and technology, they are regularly gauged on a level of preparedness. There is also more accountability vis-à-vis its larger peers, since every employee is a part of the company and not from a third-party agency.

What if I am not too sure about the package delivery person visiting my house?

Technology has made life very convenient and well-connected. I can sit in my home in one city and order for something from the other part of the country. Be it ordering food online or the fanciest of appliances, delivery partners have become a part of our lives. But this quite often also poses a threat to security, one has often heard that some miscreant posed as a delivery agent. But how does one sense trouble before the agent really reaches the house? And in case you are not at home, you won’t want some stranger to have an access to your home.

Cloud-based technology such as Visitor Management System allows you to not only be notified, with important details of the visitor, but also accept or decline the visitor entry request. You can remotely decide if you were expecting someone to come over or there is something suspicious. In case you are not at home, you can conveniently decline entry and be relaxed about a stranger lurking around your house in your absence.

How do I trust the home care service technician?

We are all dependent on the expertise of service technicians for the maintenance of our home. There is a constant wear and tear, starting from fixing the creaking door, the leakage in the tap and many other things within the house. Out of desperation for getting a quick solution to the problem, one searches for the nearest technician and the very next thought in one’s mind is, “Is it safe for a stranger to have access to my house?”, “Should I have waited for a trusted service company?”

The simple answer to this is finding a home service provider who caters to all your needs within your reach. The profile would have verified technicians with a background check done. Technology nowadays also allows the owner to track their whereabouts and timesheets. It is safer to opt for a specialized home service company such as #EnviroHomeServices.

I would rather have my service query solved within my society

While it is true that given the growing competition there is no dearth of home service providers in and around your vicinity. However, there are some day-to-day minor issues that one would want a quick solution to or may have some service related query. There are times when one has a service issue at unearthly hours and would want to have the complaint registered immediately for the quickest possible redressal.

There can be nothing better than having such services within your society. One also feels more secure to share the address with someone form inside and it’s easier to coordinate. An end-to-end facility management services company like #Enviro ensures the best complaint management service with a dedicated Client Service Cell (CSC).

When it comes to security, there should be no compromises, to feel secure, one should have complete access. It is not only important to have real-time data but in case the need arises, have an option to refer to data of any previous date. In these times of advanced technology, it is the onus of the facility management service provider to ensure a safe and secure environment for you.

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