Disruptive Technological Trends in Facility Management 2022

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Disruptive Technological Trends in Facility Management 2022

Disruptive Technological Trends in Facility Management 2022

Isn’t it miraculous how a flying object, the size of a big bird goes on clicking a million pictures or take aerial shots from the tallest of mountains or a disk-shaped machine go on tirelessly cleaning the entire house without bumping into things, as though with a mind of its own. The advancement in technology year, after year has continually ‘made the impossible Possible’! Given the convenience and speed among the many other things its offers, one is more than willing to try and adopt it. The impact that technology has on Facility Management is no different! Wondering how a facility management company could adopt exciting and disruptive technology? Let’s explore;

1.Stealth Sensor on a Mission!

Nope, you won’t usually notice it while you roam in your building condominium or even your office area, but it’s very much there. A discreet sensor that is actively communicating the operational and health status of the assets it has been deployed for. It needs no human intervention at all and the advancement in sensor and battery technology have taken it several steps further by making it a wireless that can be setup in minutes requiring little to no configuration and maintenance.

The flexibility in its size also increases its scope and usage. It is also possible to retrofit smaller sensors on furniture, pipes and plant room equipment.

Did You Know? It is capable of gathering data for technical points that include granular ambient temperature, humidity as well as the technical building status for its HVAC, electrical and water treatment systems, including washroom usage and cleaning status.

2. Making Sense of the Data!

Whether automated or collected manually, one often wonders how to process humungous amounts of data and put to its best use. Another aspect that technology focuses on is to Save Time, that translates to Saving Operational Costs!

Imagine if the sensors could reduce the energy spends to 15% to 40% by just monitoring and accordingly adjusting the lights, ventilation and temperature in an office building according to how many people are present at the given time.

Did You Know? Building Management systems are further enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing the user to analyze data and have a deep understanding of the anomalies that arise; while offering an insight into its smooth functioning and also enabling the user to make predictions about the consumption patterns and usage.

3. Cloud: Bringing the World Together!

The one thing that technology has done is, brought the world together in unimaginable ways. Your services could reach someone sitting at the farthest end of the world. What it has also eased off is the aspect of accessibility of data and information at any time of the day.

For facility managers it simplifies data collection and its storage. It is possible for any number of residents/clients to access and connect on a single platform. Cloud-based services also mitigate the risk of loss of data as it is stored without having to create a backup.

Did You Know? The cloud-based Visitor Management System gives access to the resident to Accept or Decline visitor entry with one single app and also have visitor data archived.

4. Monitor Remotely and Save Big!

Gone are the days when one has to be physically present at a location or a site to get a job done or efficiently monitor it. It is now possible for you to track every single aspect of every resource involved in the process. The minutest of data is available with the click of a single button. Also, the scope of an error is nullified which might not be always the case with human intervention, since there is always a possibility of human error and judgement.

Smart sensors, cloud technology and data analytics can efficiently give you a detailed overview of all the assets and environmental parameters within all your buildings through sensor-based monitoring, which also saves the cost of deployment of manpower.

Did You Know? – It is possible to even gather sensitive data such as temperature, dampness and humidity and detect flooding in vacant buildings remotely, significantly saving resources, assets and costs. Something as unimaginable as Digital Retrofitting has totally mitigated the need for complete replacement of equipment and enabled predictive maintenance. The scope of technology in the facility management sector is limitless and, in many ways, it has enabled the integrated facility management services to perform unimaginable tasks in a jiffy and with minimal human intervention, also enabling a paradigm shift in cutting costs.

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