How Enviro Used IoT During Covid-19 to Keep Facilities Management Running Costs Low

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How Enviro Used IoT During Covid-19 to Keep Facilities Management Running Costs Low

How Enviro Used IoT During Covid-19 to Keep Facilities Management Running Costs Low

The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges for facility management companies, as these FM companies were trying to keep the things moving and not get stuck with pandemic. With the need to maintain safe and functional buildings while also keeping costs low, Enviro made the best use of IoT technology to help address the challenges of covid outbreak. By leveraging IoT technology, we were able to optimize facility operations and maintain safe and functional buildings for the clients. Enviro used IoT-enabled tools in a variety of ways during the COVID-19 pandemic to help ensure the safety and security of clients’ premises while keeping the costs low. Let’s explore how –

1. Remote Monitoring

Enviro used IoT during the pandemic by implementing Remote Monitoring systems. IoT sensors were used to monitor a wide range of facility parameters including temperature, air quality and energy consumption. By collecting real-time data on these metrics, Facility Managers were able to identify new opportunities to optimize facility operations and reduce costs. Heating and cooling systems in the facilities were adjusted to reduce energy usage during periods of low occupancy which helped in reducing energy costs.

2. Air Quality Monitoring

Facility Managers took appropriate measures to improve indoor air quality in the facilities. IoT-enabled air quality sensors were used to know the filter change time and identify more dense areas, allowing Facility Managers to address the issue and improve air flow ensuring the safety of facility occupants.

3. Predictive Maintenance

We implemented predictive maintenance systems to monitor equipment health in real-time. IoT sensors were used to detect patterns in performance that could result in future failures or breakdowns. It helped to identify potential issues before they became major problems and we scheduled maintenance and repairs at the optimal time which resulted into reduced downtime and lesser costs.

4. Occupancy Tracking

During the Covid outbreak, offices had to limit occupancy to comply with social distancing guidelines. We used IoT sensors to track the number of people present in a building, room or area in real-time. It helped facility managers to enforce social distancing protocols, prevent overcrowding and maintain a safe and functional facility.

5. Safety and Security Systems

We leveraged IoT-enabled safety and security systems to help keep the facilities safe and secure during the COVID-19 pandemic. IoT-enabled access control systems were used for contactless entry to buildings, reducing the risk of viral transmission through shared surfaces such as door handles and keypads. Instead of asking the visitors/domestic helps to make entry in the registers, we used facial recognition cameras to grant permission to them to enter the premises. It eliminated the paper work and also reduced the need for on-site security personnel.

6. Temperature Screening

We used IoT enabled thermal cameras to detect body temperature of everyone entering the facilities. It helped Facility Managers in identifying the potential cases due to heightened body temperature and take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of virus, such as denying entry to the building or referring the individual for medical evaluation.


In the face of unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Enviro effectively used IoT to cut costs and boost the operational efficiency. IoT made it feasible to gather data in real-time on a series of parameters, spot potential problems and take the necessary actions to stop the spread of virus and keep the facilities secure. It also helped in maintaining optimum performance, reducing operating and maintenance expenses, lowering energy costs and improve user wellbeing.

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