The Changing Face of Facility Management

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The Changing Face of Facility Management

The Changing Face of Facility Management

As the world is becoming more digitized and automated, The Facility Management Industry has adapted to changes in technology to stay ahead of the curve. People are having access to more technology than ever. From Solutions that make jobs fulfilling to Innovations that improve personal life, people have come to rely on technology for an enhanced standard of living. Facility Teams are increasingly adopting below software solutions and implementing technologies to keep their fingers on the pulse in this rapidly changing industry –

1. Mobile Applications

The mobile application technology for Facility Management is not a new development but it has gained more importance in the recent era as it helps to digitize day-to-day facility management operations like maintenance, work orders, field services etc. and ensures better communication among the team members to fasten the facility management process. It helps Facility Management and maintenance teams with better insights, quick responses and real time updates on work orders. It also ensures –

• On the go access to personal information
• Service requests on-demand
• Company information on-demand
• Less manual work on time consuming phone calls
• Increased productivity – at the fingertips

2. Bespoke Solutions

A) IOT and Cloud-Based Technologies
IOT and Cloud-Based technologies have become more prominent these days. Facility Management Companies can leverage IOT tools and technologies to –

• Automate operations
• Improve building energy efficiency
• Support better maintenance practices

Cloud -based applications also fasten the communication, collaboration and decision making. For instance, if an asset malfunctions, submitting a request for service using a cloud application would immediately send a notification to the concerned person so that the issue can be addressed.

B) E-more
E-more is a technology-efficient and structured remote building monitoring software which helps Facility Managers to track the power consumption, power availability, breakdown of equipment, status of manpower, revenue generation etc.

3. SaaS Enabled Tools

A) Visitor Management System
Earlier, Visitor Management System was used to track and manage the flow of visitors in and out of buildings and primarily focused on improving security and compliance. With the development of technology, Visitor Management Software has included features like real time tracking, integration with access control systems etc. This Scalable Visitor Management System has helped Facility Managers to manage the flow of visitors and improve security, efficiency and compliance.

B) Society Billing Software
This is a new advancement in facility management which has made the society billing and payment process simpler and error free. All the society related bills can be accessed and paid through one single software.

4. Complaint Management System

Facility Management Companies are having 24*7 Complaint Management System which simplifies the complaint handling process and helps to manage customer complaints in an effective way. At Enviro, residents can raise their concerns directly to this number – 0806 9191 910 and the Client Service Cell ensures to resolve the same at the earliest. Having 24*7 complaint management system benefits the organization in the following ways –

• It creates a client focused culture
• Reduces operational costs
• Enhances customer satisfaction

5. Predictive Maintenance

In order to maximize the equipment uptime and optimization rates, facilities have switched from Reactive Maintenance to a newer and more data-driven style of maintenance – predictive maintenance. It helps to

• Reduce Downtime
• Increase Productivity
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Increase the lifespan of assets

6. Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring has become one of the biggest drivers in Facility Management. From a single location, using cameras, wireless sensors and other technologies, various systems such as water consumption, building security, air quality, temperature etc. can be monitored. It helps Facility Managers to understand how the space is being used and ensures fuller utilization of assets and space.


Facilities Management is continuously evolving and adapting to changes to streamline the operations. These technological advancements have helped Facility Managers to gain better insights, improve communication, fasten response time with real time updates. With the changing face of facility management, it’s important for the organizations to stay up to date with these latest technologies and software to achieve goals and remain competitive.

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