Improve the Bottom Line of Your Company with Energy Saving Tips

Energy Management

Improve the Bottom Line of Your Company with Energy Saving Tips

Save Energy in Corporates

Whether you own or lease an office space, the need for lighting, heating, air conditioning, power for office equipment, and other services are mandatory to stay in business. It thus becomes important to adopt practices that besides maximizing energy efficiency would be friendly on the environment. Have a glimpse at some of the energy saving tips that can help to improve the bottom line of your business.

These simple low cost steps can possibly save you 10-25% on your monthly energy bill.

  • Make sure all the equipment’s such as lights, air-conditioning, extraction, compression or ventilation units are switched off at overnight and weekends.
  • Get all heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system tuned up annually with an annual maintenance contract. This would ensure that before each cooling and heating season proper tune-up is accomplished.
  • Install energy efficient exit signs, which can reduce maintenance cost to a large extent. This is made possible by removing lamp replacement.
  • When the chargers are not in use or when the battery is fully charged, unplug the chargers from the switch.
  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps can also preserve energy.
  • Control direct sunlight to illuminate interior space during daytime.
  • Install programmable thermostats so that the temperature could be adjusted as per the change in season. This too would help save lot of energy.
  • Avoid using screen savers as they prevent the CPU from going to power saver mode.
  • Make sure that lamps, fixtures, bulbs, or other reflective surfaces are cleaned regularly. By cleaning away grease, dirt and dust, the output these fittings can be increased.

Besides the aforesaid tips there are loads of things you can do to reduce your organisation’s energy consumption. You can outsource this task to Building Management Companies or Building and Property Maintenance firms. These firms offer efficient services at highly affordable prices.


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