Enviro India Joins Hands with MCG for No to Polythene Bags Campaign


Enviro India Joins Hands with MCG for No to Polythene Bags Campaign

Say NO to Plastic Bags

We all are familiar with the fact that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and thus, are a threat to the environment. However, we still use them as a habit. Plastic bags take thousands of years to biodegrade; in fact experiments have proved that not even microorganisms like bacteria can eat up the entire poly bag. Still the stats of polythene bag usage are increasing every day.

We at Enviro India are definitely conscious about this and as a step towards our contribution, we have partnered with Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon in the Say No to Polythene Bags campaign. It was 10th January, 2013 when Mr. Narinder Singh Yadav, the estate office of Municipal Corporation Gurgaon (MCG) announced the proud partnership of Enviro with MCG for the unique campaign.

The Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon made an initiative to keep the environment clean and Enviro is with MCG in the program. The announcement of this partnership was made at Vatika Business Park. In addition to the announcement, Mr. Narinder Singh Yadav also discussed about the dangerous impact of plastic on the environment. The event was honored with a nice gentry and everyone actively participated in the discussion. It was an extremely successful event with active participation.

ENVIRO is a renowned name in the field of facility management. It is a proud branch of Vatika and is ISO 9001:2008 certified by TUV SUD South Asia and accredited by DAR Germany. With its integrated facility management services, the organization has been able to create a flawless image in the domain. It offers specialized care and maintenance services to the clients and thus, successfully fulfills their day-to-day property requirements. Being a facility management firm, the organization understands its responsibility towards the environment. Thus, the organization decided to join MCG in its campaign against the polythene bags.

Littering of polythene bags not only creates a bad site, but also causes the death of stray animals. The account of damage doesn’t end here, the throw away plastic bags hinders the drainage system. This finally results in water borne diseases and thus, creates a threat to mankind.

When you say No to plastic bags, you actually say yes to a better world. Enviro believes in this thought and thus, is hoping that more people will join the campaign. Further, the organization has a strong intuition that the way the partnership event turned successful, the campaign will also turn effective enough.

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