Questions to Ask from a Building Maintenance Service Company

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Questions to Ask from a Building Maintenance Service Company

The ongoing trend of hiring a building maintenance service company is undoubtedly beneficial for an organization. The growing demand for building and property maintenance services has resulted in the emergence of various companies on the block. However, before putting in your money in any company, you should ensure that the company you are planning to hire is an experienced one and holds expertise in the services it promises to offer. Below listed are a few questions you must ask your building maintenance service company before you strike a deal with it.

Experience: It is important to ask the company for how long has it been in the business of providing building and property maintenance services. To make your selection process easy, let us inform you that an ideal company offering these services should have an experience of around 15 years. This makes it obvious that the company has the capability to fight through the hard times and can survive the ups and downs of the industry.

Ask for References: By asking for references, you can have a look at the services the company has provided to their past clients. This can act as big deciding factor.

Range of Services: The next question that can be asked from these companies is about the kind of services they offer to their clients. Look for a company that can provide you all the benefits and fulfills all your needs. Along with emergency services, a company should be efficient enough to cater to services like fire safety, licensed HVAC, preventative maintenance, plumbing and general carpentry to name but a few.

Insurance of the Company: Before you make a deal with the company, do ask whether the company is bonded, insured or licensed. Not many know that not all companies are insured. Thus, it is vital to clear out the status of the company. This is important because of anything goes wrong in your property and the company is not insured, you will be left with no other option than to pay the expenses that will incur.


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