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Facility management services become excellent with its awesomeness when it comes to interpersonal relations. The professional services which include managing people, infrastructures, technology and organizations, to achieve outstanding and not just optimum results is the key to success at a framework.

In the discharge of soft services such as housekeeping, pantry management, office support staff, pest control, facade cleaning, water tank cleaning and a host of others gives room for friendliness between professional Integrated Facilities management services and their clients, this enable smooth relationship and avenue to ask questions fearlessly.

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On sampling various high class facility manger activities and operations these questions were noticed to have been fearlessly asked by clients who already feel free seeing their Facilities Management handlers as such that could be trusted. Some of these questions are as follows:

Q1.If after trusting the security personnel posted to my residence by my facility management service provider, he gets engaged in a conspiracy against me, how do I handle this?

A1. As a professional integrated facility management service outfit we ensure all our personnel are well trained and cross checked for employment based on integrity which gives us the assurance for your safety.

Q2.What is the primary concern of facility mangers about their clients do they just do some household chores for the sake of raising income for their pockets?

A2.Professional building management service firms solely see health and safety of occupants and visitors as its primary responsibilities. Among others, it ensures to keep being efficient in line with the blue print presented by clients.

Q3. Is it compulsory that I purchase gadgets advised by facility mangers rather than what I feel I love?

A3. It remains pertinent for Facility management services providers to advice clients with what is best especially with respect to safety and health while also drawing out measures that will act as guide for occupants.

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Q4. Do facility mangers have a gain when I provide gadgets recommended or does it mean it was just recommended because that’s what can be operated easily?

A4. Professional recommendations are done strictly for most suitable gadgets considering how well it serves the client based on what can they can afford, not forgetting the its prominent task of installation, monitoring and maintenance of all necessary gadgets and devices.

Q5. How does every occupant of the building get acquainted with the team of facility management services on duty?

A5. Each member of the facility management service team can be identified with unique uniform and id card, more so upon resumption the company deems it fit to properly introduce the personnel attached to each building to all occupants.

Q6. Are my guys safe from all forms of harassment that may occur from your personnel when I am not home?

A6.No member of the team can harass you or your children under any condition, they are in your place to ensure you safety and wellness not to create any form of havoc.

Q7. Are Building Occupants Trained On Crisis Management?

A7.All occupants are given first aid training to ensure safety and precautions

Q8. When an occupant is not able to take precautions or act to a happening at a given time what happens?

A8.The personnel drafted to each building have monitoring gadgets, which feed him with happenings around the house.

Q9. Are the systems and processes up to date in our building?

A9.Sure, every building under the monitor of integrated facility management services are provided with state of the art modern equipment that’s been handled by best hands.

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Q10. Can all information relating to the building and its system be fetched?

A10.The system in place is uniquely made to permit those who have access alone and can fetch whatever information needed.

Q11. Aside installation maintenance of gadget equipment what other thing should be expected with regards to ensuring safety in the building?

A11.As Facilities Management Services provider, its mandatory to efficiently carry out the duties that are termed as professional, to achieve best results which also tell How ready are we for a medical emergency.

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