New working procedures that are introduced by facility management in 2019

Facility Management

New working procedures that are introduced by facility management in 2019

new working procedures that are introduced by facility management in 2019

Facility management today appears to be completely different compared to what it was several years ago. As workplaces continue to shift and as employers continue providing an agile work environment for their workers, the role of facility management in the modern workplace has continued to become enhanced.

Today, the emphasis has been placed on managing customer and employee experiences as much as the facilities themselves. Traditionally involved in providing services such as housekeeping to a wide range of workplaces whether malls, office buildings or hospitals, facility management companies now offer a whole host of value-added services aimed at improving service delivery, productivity levels, collaboration, as well as the sense of community at the workplace.

Facility management services and the providers that offer the service are constantly growing, innovating and transforming to make sure that they remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment. To help you keep up with imminent changes in the industry, here are new working procedures that have been introduced by facility management in 2019:

Data analytics

Data analytics will continue to be vital for business efficiency, sustainability, and energy savings. Data is useful as it helps businesses measure the whatthe main drivers of performance are and the links that exist between facilities and the people that visit or work in these facilities. Data can be used by an organization to streamline their operations so that compliance to obligations such as workplace safety and energy conservation is observed.

data analytics

Artificial intelligence will shape workplaces

With artificial intelligence permeating almost all sectors of daily living, facility managers can leverage AI to improve the services offered. Facility management services can utilize AI to provide their customers with sustainable solutions so that high expenditure and heavy maintenance can be regulated with ease.

artificial intelligence will shape workplaces


While facility management services are something that most business owners always opt to outsource, the reason for outsourcing these services will change drastically in 2019. Rather than outsource facility management for purposes of reducing expenses, businesses will instead choose this route in order to give facility management teams the change to concentrate on more strategic initiatives that will be focused on enhancing the user experience, as well as customer and employee satisfaction.


Emphasis on employee health and wellbeing

More and more organizations are adopting health and wellness programs at their workplaces. As such, facility managers now realize the value of creating a stable and comfortable work environment that focuses on not just increased efficiency and output, but also on employee satisfaction and health.

emphasis on employee health and wellbeing

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