Zero Water Discharge in Buildings for Increased Environmental Awareness

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Zero Water Discharge in Buildings for Increased Environmental Awareness

Zero Discharge System

The concept of Green buildings is into practice these days. These buildings are environmentally accountable and thus provides healthy environment to live and work in. The various energy efficient and Eco-friendly operations conducted inside the building are the hallmarks of a Green Building.

These buildings paying attention to various critical energy-efficient operations like air-conditioning, lighting along with optimum use of water with an eye on its circulation, economic utilization, discharge, preservation and it re-use, thereby safeguarding the ecological balance.

Reducing water depletion and avoiding discharges has become a general goal nowadays. On one hand high water consumption touches the project profitability while on the other hand avoiding high water consumption and avoiding waste water disposal has contributed greatly to environmental protection while easing the passing phase of a project.

We at Enviro India are proud to communicate that Vatika city has developed a system which helps to protect the environment by reducing water consumption and waste water emissions and contributing to the economical success of a project, at the same time.

100% water recycling and Zero discharge buildings have become a reality. Moreover, its economic use in specific areas like irrigation, flushing of toilets and semi-conductor and in specific geographical areas where there is scarcity of water has made zero water discharge a necessity.

Zero Discharge system conserves more than 90% waste water as compared to a conventional system. Beside the environmental aspect the Zero Discharge Concept enhance the project profitability by cost reduction.

We at have built a solid name for themselves with characteristic blend of innovative management solutions along with customised service delivery.Feel free to get in touch with us; we are always at your service.

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