Enviro – Helping Smaller Organizations Reap Bigger Benefits

Facility Management

Enviro – Helping Smaller Organizations Reap Bigger Benefits

FM Services for Small Organizations

Outsourcing Facility Management Services not only benefits big companies, but also smaller ones – Enviro

Facilities management outsourcing has grown over the years, with many homeowners and companies realizing the advantages that these specialized service providers has to offer, while decreasing the amount of resources, time, and most importantly the capital spent on running the department. And it is not just the big, multinational companies who will benefit, but also companies of almost any shape and size. Furthermore, facilities management providers also offer turnkey FM solutions to home-owners, who stand to benefit even more in proportion to revenue.

In a competitive Indian market, several facilities management companies have sprung in recent times offering their services. Enviro, an integrated facilities maintenance company by Vatika Group is helping companies to realize their true potential. By outsourcing peripheral business support services to an organization which specializes in facility maintenance and management, businesses, both big and small, can concentrate on core business functions, while increasing efficiency and reducing cost overhead.

Outsourcing facility management services has proved to be beneficial to large companies , it also helps smaller companies because they tend to have narrow expertise in facilities management and prefer to invest their limited resources in core functions. By leveraging the expertise that Enviro has garnered over the years, small companies can boost their efficiency, while gaining access to world-class technologies and practices they otherwise could not afford.

Here is some basic advice for smaller firms looking to outsource their facility management department..

How to Measure Results?

When quantifying the results to judge a service provider, the owner must rely on the outcomes rather than tasks. The number of times the desks are cleaned or how often a janitorial service empties wastebaskets does not ensure positive results. But real success depends on outcomes, which an owner defines and relies on the supplier to deliver results, such as maintaining a clean and safe environment, in a timely and cost effective manner.

This approach allows the supplier to provide customized facility management solutions that are derived from technology and management practices, developed and sharpened over the years.

Decrease Workload, Increase Productivity

Due to lack of capital and resources, smaller companies generally do not work on building up their internal expertise outside their core business. Hence, broader the scope of outsourced services a smaller businesses opts for, more will the company benefit and will be able to focus on activities that generate revenue and profit. The supplier will be accountable for the desired results and outcomes, thus reducing need for manpower, resources, time and capital.


Enviro offers integrated facilities management services, and several specialized solutions that takes into account customer’s evolving day-to-day requirements and provide specialized care and maintenance of complexes. By providing non-core technical and support services to organizations who strive to increase quality and reduce costs, we at Enviro ensure increased productivity, cost-effective and high quality facilities maintenance services.

For more information regarding integrated facilities management services and other specialized services offered by Enviro, visit us @ www.enviroindia.in

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