The Impact of Facility Management Companies in Real Estate

Facility Management

The Impact of Facility Management Companies in Real Estate

Whenever you step into malls, big corporate houses, multiplexes or huge residential apartments, have you ever wondered how these are maintained, how these have remained so clean with proper security, proper parking, lighting, CCTV, along with other arrangement of facilities? All these are handled and taken care of by facility management companies. The concept of facility management, that was initially considered as a simple function carried out by small contractors or in-house members, today has undergone a tremendous change.

What is facility management?

Facilities are any company’s large portion of assets and expenses and usually do not get the same attention and care that other parts of an organization receives. Facility management is an important, methodical business discipline, which helps in the perfect regulation of space, infrastructure, people and the organization. This includes offices, commercial arenas, educational institutions, shopping malls and complexes, convention centers, hospitals, hotels, etc. Most organizations nowadays opt for sophisticated technology for communications and control.

Importance of facility management companies
A facility management company is involved in the following:

  • Maintenance of building
  • Construction and remodel
  • Repairs to problems and mall functions
  • Security
  • Fire safety
  • Cleaning
  • Day-to-day operational management of the building
  • Space allocation and change
  • Improve productivity
  • Manage operational costs
  • Identify and reduce risks etc.

Actual scenario in the present day real-estate sector
Big real-estate developers are involved nowadays in facility management services, providing more value-added services with the application of high-level technology and cost-saving measures. Apart from building, selling, leasing, renting plots, flats, villas etc., real-estate developers are offering specialized services for maintenance of buildings, thereby reducing cost and operational risks. Since people are opting for better lifestyles, more and more bigger houses, villas, flats have been demanded with modern amenities and facilities. Property developers are now keen to play the role of facility management providers so as to provide specialized services at an optimal cost.

Real estate major like as Vatika Group has come up with enviro, an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility management division, to provide efficient maintenance services to its clients. Real estate developers who offer such additional facility management services are attracting more and more clients and establishing a prominent professional image in the market. Infact, today facility management companies in India are recognized as important components in any real estate project so as to get higher returns on investment.

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