Fighting pollution How easy could it be?


Fighting pollution How easy could it be?

fighting pollution how easy could it be

Pollution is a bothersome dilemma in the current world that requires keen attention to every possibility. The times have changed over the past years and have completely turned the world’s outlook on life upside down. With the most modern technologies at play and the urge to invent the fastest solutions, it is indeed forgotten that ‘something’ lives at stake in order to make for an advancing tomorrow.

Harmful pollutants, Industrial wastes, radioactive emissions, noise pollution (that almost every person down the road goes through) along with visual pollution that defies the possibility of a clean and green view. The figures to this catastrophe are whammy and we’re only talking about India as a Country.

•  Car Emissions:75% pollution comes from vehicles alone where about 90% of the pollution is found in urban areas.

•  Noise Pollution: About 3% of people are exposed to over 80 decibels due to noise pollution. The question is whether you are soon to count yourself in that 3%?

•  Water Pollution: 50% of the water bodies are contaminated by industrial waste, misbalancing the ecological equilibrium and slowly striving towards a dry planet.

The figures are worse and so will be the planet’s face before it vanishes from the universe. If the righteous measures are not taken, the day is not so far given the current scenario.

But in a fast moving life how is one to think of the planet when they barely have any time for themselves. So we thought of coming up with some smart solutions for everyone hat can easily be incorporated in the daily life and save the environment from further damage. Let’s have a look:

CARPOOL & TELECOMMUNICATE: Carpooling is a handy solution when it comes to reaching a destination aimed by a mass of people. With the handy apps available that solve this issue, why not show a little care for the planet and save on money, fuel and time along with the harmful emissions from vehicles.

Telecommunication on the flip side is suitable when driving down to a place isn’t necessary and the conversation can be taken on call. This saves time and of course the unnecessary pollution the environment may be sneaking away from.

NO SMOKING: Limit the smoking zones in your area at office or residential complexes and thrive for a healthier way of living. Smoking or passive smoking pollutes the air while the cigarette butts litter the environment and the toxic chemicals in the remains mix with the water bodies and affect one’s health in drastic ways, whose symptoms worsen with time. The building maintenance authorities can enforce strict rules against smoking hazards and relieve the bad effects of such a practice.

no smoking

ADD PLANTS: Adding plants to your office interiors will not only beautify the look of your surroundings but guess what? It’ll also purify the air naturally, rendering you a clean, healthy and safe environment. The deal is, you won’t have to make an extra expense on air purifiers.

PRINT LESS & RECYCLE: With the country going digital, printing resources were saved. The same can be at workplaces or homes if we can make the most out of our screens. Avoid printing often unless absolutely necessary and use your smart phones or tablets to carry out the desired tasks. On the flip side, power off devices like your laptops, tablets, ipads etc when not in recurrent use. Whilst saving resources, electricity counts. The facility management system on the other hand, can incorporate a segregated waste disposal plan in the buildings, so that the respective waste reaches the respective dustbin and the recycling process is easier and quicker.

AVOID SPRAYS & FRESHNERS: This is surprising. We all tend to use room fresheners and sprays to change the smells around. But who knew what these products contain is actually harming the environment? Not that these products are harmful on their own, but they contain hydrocarbons and compressed gases which are much harmful for the environment’s health. The more we use them, the more they worsen the harm.

USE REUSABLE PRODUCTS: Buying product that are a onetime use could be great unless it’s an exigency. But if the environment calls for it, then its best to switch to products that can be re-used. This saves on a lot of manufacturing cost and a mountain of disposed products in the dump pit.

use reusable products

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