Hard Facilities Management Services

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Hard Facilities Management Services

Facility management services are necessary for the efficient property management. Facility management services are commonly divided into 2 categories – hard services and soft services. Hard facilities management services are basically mechanical services that are structured within the building and cannot be removed.
Let us have a look at some of the services that come under hard facility management services.
Electrical Maintenance
Electrical maintenance is a facility management service that is important for both residential and commercial property. It includes dealing with any power issues and installation and inspection of electrical appliances like heating, air conditioning and compression systems. This is important not just for the comfort people but also their safety.  
Building Fabric & Repairs
Building fabric looks after the fabric aspects of the building. It includes carpeting, wallpapers, curtains, etc. Repairing broken furniture like drawers and chairs and making sure that all cabinets have their locks and keys is extremely important for property maintenance. These things should be both planned and reactive.
Elevator & Door Maintenance

Maintenance of automatic doors, regular doors, elevators is necessary for residential as well as commercial building. If doors and elevators are not working efficiently then they can cause chaos among people.  Maintenance of elevators is necessary from safety perspective as well.
Plumbing & Drainage Maintenance
Blockage of drains or leaking taps can cause convenience to people. Therefore, it is important that plumbing and drainage issues are fixed as soon as they occur. Clogged drains are the most common issue that causes trouble thus plans to fix them should be pre-planned by the concerned staff.
Car Parking Systems

Parking lot management requires resources like video surveillance, barrier controls, access control system, etc. An infallible security system is necessary to ensure the security of all automobiles.

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