Is Your Emergency Evacuation Plan Efficient Enough?

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Is Your Emergency Evacuation Plan Efficient Enough?

The importance of emergency evacuation plan cannot be stressed more. Natural disasters or unnatural disasters can occur at anytime and therefore it is extremely important for everyone to know what to do when such disasters occur.

Here’s a list of 5 things to make your evacuation plan efficient:

  1. Staff Training Staff training includes training of everyone who works in the company. From low level to top level, everyone should know how to react during disasters. They should be aware of all the emergency exits and how to use fire extinguishers if required. Lack of knowledge and training among staff members can cause chaos which furthermore could result in more harm.
  2. Effective emergency management teamOther than the training of the staff, it is important that the emergency management department is also well-prepared to handle disastrous situations. Mock drill sessions should be organized by
    Facility management to polish their skills. They should be aware of the recent methodologies that could help them to save more lives. A proper recovery plan should also be prepared by the team. Emergency aid includes in medical aid kit among other things. It is important that basic medical treatment is given to the injured ones before the arrival of the ambulance to mitigate the harm. Emergency contact numbers of ambulance services, fire protection services, and disaster management should be kept handy so that they can be easily and quickly reached out to.
  3. Installation of security devices
    A company should install branded security devices in the building that can help people in time of emergencies. These devices include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, cameras, security alarms, etc. Technology has helped significantly in the area of disaster management and therefore it should be used to its full potential.
  4. Assessment of the buildingRegular assessment of the building is necessary. If the construction is extremely old then either it should be demolished or should be renovated accordingly. One of the most common unnatural disasters is when the building collapses down. Property maintenance methods should be implemented regularly. NOC from fire service department should also be given to the building before it becomes operational.

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