Ways to Reduce Cost in Facilities Management

Facility Management

Ways to Reduce Cost in Facilities Management

Cost cutting is one of the most important elements of facilities management services. There are different ways to reduce cost in a company. Let us have a look at some of the methods.

Reduce overtime

Cutting building’s hours of operations is the best and convenient method for operational cost-cutting. Reducing employee overtime would have a direct result to cost cutting in areas of electricity and other resources. Employees should be encouraged to work smarter so that none of them have to pull extra working hours. Instilling the value of time among employees is one of the effective ways to accomplish reduction in costs. Facility management can also reduce cost by making Saturdays an official holiday for the staff. This is an advantage both for the facility management team and for the employees.

Reduce energy costs

It is necessary to install energy effective equipment in the building for smooth functioning. However, it is equally important to take further steps to ensure that these equipments are not increasing the energy cost. Minor things such as unnecessary use of fans, air conditioners or lights should be discouraged. Coffee makers and vending machines should be utilized efficiently. Motion-detecting technology can also be installed to automatically turn off fans, air conditioners, lights and vending machines at night.

Timely Inspection

Regular inspection of equipment would help to remove those equipments that are having less use. Maintenance and inspection is an important part of property maintenance in India as it helps to detect areas that might be potential danger to the building. Any defective installation should be replaced with the one.  Software up-gradation, repairing equipment, re-installation of equipment, eliminating possible machinery defects, etc. comes under timely inspection. This would save extra cost that otherwise would have to be spent on managing damages and control.


Planning serves as one of the most essential element to reduce cost. Facility management team should make a proper plan to recognize the areas where cost investment is high. Only after a thorough research, the facility management team would know where they should implement their strategies for cost efficiency.

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