How to keep your buildings cool in summers

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How to keep your buildings cool in summers

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Beyond setting up a befitting structure, building management services supervise installations such as lifts, fire alarms, emergency way out and the likes for either commercial or residential usage. But furthermore, the team stretches its functions to ensure the comfortability of occupants through its luxury facility management schemes.

There are a few cogent things we sweat and beat ourselves up on or try to find solutions to; the most common ones are the health and environment sectors. They directly affect the healthy and comfortable livelihood of people, whereas we could provide a better, more effective, more efficient and less expensive way out yet in a less stressful way, when we maximize the provisions and contributions of the building maintenance services.

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One of the basic topics in environmental discussions that garner a lot of attention and have got several scientists researching since the turn of the 20th century till present is global warming; this is a term used to explain the gross increase in atmospheric temperature over the years which is expected to rise further in years to come basically caused by the release of more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This literally means we are bound to have more intensely hot seasons.

Managing the unfriendly climate change mostly in the hotter seasons requires great workable strategy, such that our facilities don’t heat up and become too hot to live or stay in.

Are you planning to build?

Is there a building structure already that you want to set up, such that it winnows out heat and ensures the environment in and out remains serene and cool all the time? Then you must consider maximizing the knowledge and experience of the luxury facility management team who will help you in capitalizing on the usage of the following plants:

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs can be used for any building; be it residential, industrial or commercial, it has been designed in such a way that it absorbs less, reflects more and radiates non reflected heat. The installation of cool roofs help minimize the energy and cost consumption that could have been from the usage of air conditioning or other energy burning system and increases great indoor comfort.

The Green Life

Planting certain trees and flowers in strategic places around a building help with stabilizing and maintaining the coolness beyond expectation. This is possible because plants absorb in the carbon dioxide which is the basic element of heat and they lose water during transpiration. Special plants like Aloe Vera, Areca palm tree, the golden pothos, etc. would do the cooling magic.

Windows, Doors and Insulations

Temperature efficient windows and doors will certainly reduce the amount of energy transfer into and out of the building, along with good insulation use in the ceilings, floors and walls; this ensures an air tight building with very limited energy interaction between the inner part of the building and the outer part, ensuring a cooler home or workplace.

Energy efficient lighting

In most buildings, lighting is one the basic energy consumer, also emitting a great deal of heat. The installation of LED, fluorescent lighting will greatly reduce both the energy consumption and emission of the lighting system which will translate into cooler rooms and work halls.


Unlike air conditions, dehumidifier doesn’t blow out cool air; it actually does take moisture out of the air, reduces the presence of humidity and unpleasant smell thereby automatically decreasing the heat level and making the surroundings cooler.

Air conditioning and air handlers

The general perception of the air conditioning system is actually that of the air handler, the air conditioner doesn’t actually blow in cool air into an apartment, air handler does and air conditioning on the other hand removes heat from it. The use of this system helps maintain a cool home and work environment.

Proper installation and fixing of these plants by your luxury facility management team would ensure a wonderful living and/ or smooth working experience as they would take care of all the building management and maintenance service in order to maintain a cool, comfortable and conducive building.

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