Impacted by bugs and flies at workplace? Blame it on your facility management

Facility Management

Impacted by bugs and flies at workplace? Blame it on your facility management

Cleanliness and serenity are highly cherished in any environment. Maintaining this sanity at work places should not be a topic to debate upon, but rather a practicality that must be executed and brought to realization. The health and safety of every employee in your organization is ‘key’ to their effectiveness and productivity.

The levels of concentration greatly drop when employees have to swat through flies and bugs every day at work due to unhealthy conditions caused by dirtiness and unkempt areas in an organization.

It automatically increases the workload per time, which consequentially adds up to be a source of mental and physical stress for them.

Causes of bugs and flies at work place


The basic cause for bugs and flies infestation at any work place is an untidy environment; garbage, dumpster, dirty drains, damaged food or waste products etc. But it is not limited to just that, as a few other reasons could be the cause of increase in the number of bugs and flies. Some other causes could be:

•  Availability of food around the desk areas or uncleaned areas of a company’s food outlet.
•  Many entry points or spaces for bugs and flies alongside pests like rodents to invade in from.
•  Office formation could be a major cause of flies and bugs infestation; certain office layouts and designs foster breeding places for them.
•  Heat; flies and bugs breed faster in warm environments.
•  Unattended live plants in pots or planters
•  Bugs could be transported in by staffs, visitors or package deliveries, best to properly dispose them in an appropriate place.
•  Lighting when not probably planned or managed is a major source of fly attraction especially during the rainy season.

Most of these causes boil down to ineffective facilitymanagement system, which if not properly attended to could be disastrous to the organization. Since the activities of these pests could undermine your business image causing serious operational disruption, this can also potentially destroy a company’s gadgets and tools and make you lose your customers and staff members, thereby costing a lot of money and assets.

To control or manage situations like that of bugs and flies, it’s quite important to know exactly what you are dealing with. Most of the pests in this form that affect work places are house flies, drain flies, fungus gnats, phorid flies, fruit flies, bed bugs, cluster flies, termites and spiders.

Ensuring proper cleaning of the environment and educating the employees on pest control with enforced rules and regulations on the use of restrooms, disposals, eating and drinking at desks can heavily effect the turn around and keep the pests away. Other situations might require that you close up entry points, fix plumbing issues, invest in insect light traps, install tight windows and doors, inspectand attend to other property or facility shortcomings for example smelly washrooms and corridors, wet floors, dusty equipments and moist tables or chairs that usually come into the picture during the rainy season. The best solution is to keep it dry and sanitize carpets and rugs that avoid brewing germs in the same while keep it looking clean and fresh on the inside.

For wooden doors installed at every organization, best is to use good quality wood that does not catch termites even in the worst of the weather. Though wooden doors absorb sound and provide ample privacy, they must be maintained dry to prevent them from dysfunctioning.

Just as stated above, an ineffective facility management system virtually embodies all the causes of flies and bugs infestation which means an effective and well implemented building maintenance service is required to solve the situation, while also maintaining the workplace sanity for employees.

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