Integrated Facility Management can Reduce Operational Cost of a Society, Read How?

Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facility Management can Reduce Operational Cost of a Society, Read How?

Integrated Facility Management can Reduce Operational Cost of a Society, Read How

It is no secret that today’s consumers are more oriented towards simplicity and centralized systems. As a result, many facility managers are integrating their services to ensure that there are efficient operations and to improve the quality of life for tenants and employees.

In fact, studies show that integrated facility management services are crucial in ensuring an organization’s productivity as well as the wellbeing of its people making integrated facility management a fast-growing market. This is because of the strong demand for continued price reductions, improved energy management, single-contract solutions as well as the move towards intelligent building. This in turn makes the idea of one provider for multiple services quite attractive

There are many benefits to outsourcing integrated facility management services to one facility management company. Here are some of the core benefits that integrated facility management offers towards reducing operational costs of a society:

⦁ Costs Related to Multiple Service Providers

By using an integrated facility management company, this reduces added costs associated with engaging multiple service providers and reducing the number of contracts each provider oversees. This not only lowers the costs of engaging multiple providers but also reduces costs related to overall management of the service providers as well as the costs of maintaining these multiple contracts.

⦁ Reduce the Cost of In-house Staffing

Reduce the Cost of In house Staffing

Engaging integrated facility management services ensures a single-contract outsourcing. Besides simplifying management and lowering the costs of hiring different contractors, this also cuts down on the direct as well as the indirect costs of performing these services in-house. Performing facility management services in-house leads to overseeing costs of staffing, quality control and materials as well as the hiring of contractors along the way. Using an integrated facility management company will ensure that significant cost savings are made which can then be redirected into better use.

⦁ Save On Energy Costs

In today’s society, improving efficiency is a valued service. The technology and services provided in integrated facility management are essential in reducing energy consumption. Typically, buildings waste about 30 percent of energy in the support of the built environment due to running equipment outside schedules as well as using excessive energy due to simultaneous cooling and heating. Building integrated management software and hardware are used by the service company to identify eliminate this wastage and excessive use and therefore reduce energy consumption. This in turn reduces the energy costs and therefore results in significant cost savings due to resource management and operational efficiency.

On overall, engaging integrated facility management services not only allows the society enjoy lower operational costs but also results in acquisition of the latest technology and best practices which improves the total cost of ownership.

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