Enviro India Joins Hands with MCG for No to Polythene Bags Campaign

We all are familiar with the fact that plastic bags are non-biodegradable and thus, are a threat to the environment. However, we still use them as a habit. Plastic bags take thousands of years to biodegrade; in fact experiments have proved that not even microorganisms like bacteria can eat up
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Facility Management

Gain Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors by Considering New Strategy in Facility Management

The key to smooth and hassle-free functioning of a business enterprise is a facility management service that comprises of basic areas of management activity. It includes the maintenance and care of commercial and institutional buildings and plays a significant role in the daily running of businesses. (more…)
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Builiding Management

Building Maintenance Management Company-Providing Services for Maintenance Management and Safety

Inadequate management of facility can cause radical decreases in value for property assets. Hiring a facility maintenance company can help accomplish the job on a regular basis so to maintain a property to its optimum business potential. We at Enviro India offer building maintenance services to businesses to ensure that
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property management

Property Maintenance Management Company-Offering Cost-Effective Property Management Solutions

A property, either residential or commercial requires maintenance. It is however quite difficult to spare sufficient time for property maintenance amid the busy schedule of your office and home, as it involves complete upkeep of a building be it residential or commercial. (more…)
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