Role of Facility Management in the IT sector

Facility Management, Integrated Facilities Management

Role of Facility Management in the IT sector

Information Technology has been one of the prominent sectors or areas of life with the most rapt attention and rapid development. It is believed that information is power; while in lieu of this everyone is more attached to means of accessing, processing and storing information as well as securely being able to retrieve the same.

The IT sector currently enjoys massive development even as a result of increased interest from governmental bodies as well as firms and individuals.

This interest has prompted huge investments both in terms of skills and personnel development and machineries.

Facility management which is aimed at ensuring service performance and the achievement of the sole aim of productivity, has been considered integrated into organizations today, due to their vast roles.

Roles Of Facility Management Services In General:

Facilities management

(FM) is the total management of all services which builds the environmental infrastructure that supports the core business of an organization.

Considering the definition above it is strongly agreeable that facility managers play a core role in the team building process of any successful organization. The operational managers of facility management services are answerable to all questions about when and what keeps the organization going and doing well.


The roles of facility managers have evolved over time from the conventional day-to-day routine maintenance activities and corrective maintenance to much more. that’s categorized with the technicians or/ and engineers to broader and more expansive roles and responsibilities. These key areas of attention by the facility managers is what the international facility management association, IFMA summarizes into triangle of ‘Ps’ which are; people, process and place.

  • People; referring to workers in all sections or department of the organization.
  • Process; such as catering, cleaning, accounting, hospitality, customer service, marketing and so on.
  • Place; workplace, building, furniture, leasing, construction and occupancy.

Role Of Facility Management Services As It Relates To The IT Sector

The (IT) Information technology sector is not just characterized with skills and technicality from its personnel; it also involves the efficient use of equipment, soft-wares and a whole lot of other devices. If facility management services are aimed at ensuring service performances and achievement of purpose, such that the productivity is stirred up in an organization or sector through its involvement and integration, how then can efficient productivity be achieved at the absence of an integrated facility management service?

Do Different Industries Have Different Facilities Management Requirements:

Different industries have different perspective to things and operations, the methods applicable in a sector may never yield result in another sector, this is so owing to the ethics and methodology required of these industries.

Whatever the type of industry it may be, as long as there are equipments and personnel that would be the need for the services of an integrated facility management services.

THE IT SECTOR MIGHT NEED Facility Management Services Than Any Other:

technological advancement is being championed by the information industry, the industry has in the last few years proved its importance with its fast development level, need for reliance and its effectiveness in assisting to pull up other sectors to make them succeed.

Quite a number of industries depend on the result fetching activities of the information technology to achieve their own results; the level of IT they can absorb and utilize, determines how far can they out stand.
Organizations or businesses in this category will prioritize their IT unit, ensuring nothing stops the smooth sailing operation of the department.

Reason for the requirement of Facility Management Services in the IT Sector:

Information Technology firms operate with gadgets, soft-wares, storage devices, machines, equipments, and all that. IT companies are skilled with the use of their tools and may not necessarily be equipped with skills needed to manage their facilities.

The need to safe guard the health and well-being of every device both small and big brings about the need for facility management incorporated into the organogram of any IT firm.

Top Firms that specialize in Information technology services will never want to be over turned by their competitors, hence they need to keep an eye of maintenance of their tools to which they offer IT services to their many clients.

An IT company needs the professional hands of integrated facilities Management Companies to not just keep them going and producing outstanding results, but to also save the costs which might have been incurred on device replacement due to frequent damage through mis-management.

IT companies are mostly concerned with providing services to organizations, they buy gadgets and devices needed by these organizations for them, which can only be handled well by the facility management unit of the information technology firm not forgetting they are also charged with the maintenance of these devices.

What the IT sector stands to gain by having a facility management unit.

Every organization has a goal; the day to day activities are all driven towards achieving the goals of the firm. The facility management department of any company takes care of the physical environment in relation to the people (number of workers), to the process (the machines and tools), and in relations to the place (the land, the building, the power and the cooling), such that the available infrastructure is maintained optimally, which is also a stated goal.

The gains associated with having a facility management service firm in an organization are many, for the purpose of the IT sector, the following are being evaluated.

When an efficient facility management unit is put in place in the IT firm, the firm enjoys Enhanced reliability: The firm operates at the highest level and not just optimally, by this they get referrals from existing clients and their prospects are easily converted to become clients.

Information technology companies enjoy reduced costs of overhead expenses and avoid purchasing gadgets or devices too often due to lack of maintenance.

The services of integrated facility management in an information technology company will enable improved availability for their clients.

Above all, facility management service has always being known as the means to prompt and ensure safety, and maximize great performance which is one of the most productive things that can happen to any industry.

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