Facility Management

How Efficient Facilities Management Help Businesses Grow

Some of the most basic things, like polished floors, smartly dressed security personnel, clean lavatory and many other facilities made available to us, that we take for granted when entering our office, business centres or malls must have been impeccably arranged and organized by someone. All of these facilities are
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Energy Management

Improve the Bottom Line of Your Company with Energy Saving Tips

Whether you own or lease an office space, the need for lighting, heating, air conditioning, power for office equipment, and other services are mandatory to stay in business. It thus becomes important to adopt practices that besides maximizing energy efficiency would be friendly on the environment. (more…)
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Mall Management Services

Mall Management Services for Providing Better Shopping Experience to Customers and Retailers

Shopping malls are identified with a big city lifestyle. These malls house numerous retail stores and outlets offering different types of products and services such as garments, food and beverages, electronics and everything that is required in our day to day lives under a single roof. (more…)
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Housekeeping Services

Mechanized Housekeeping for Keeping Your Facility Up and Going

Mechanized Cleaning involves cleaning & maintenance of residential as well as commercial complexes such as malls, Hospitals, IT Parks, industrial premises, educational institutions, and other corporates. The main objective of companies offering mechanized housekeeping services is to create a clean and hygienic environment. (more…)
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